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Hi Everyone,


My name is Nicole Lam, and I am the founder of Love Through Music (LTM). In 2017, LTM was created through two charity projects:


  1. Nepal Education Project: I’ve always believed that a music education is an essential educational investment that fulfills the human need for creativity. When I traveled to Nepal in 2017, I recognized the absence of music education in schools. So, I made it my goal to donate musical instruments and school supplies to provide an arts education at several schools in Nepal. 

  2. Retirement Home Concerts: In that same year, with my fellow classmates at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, we began to host biweekly concerts at local retirement homes. We recognized the beauty of live performance, and saw the connections that music nurtured between members of our community.


From there, LTM was born with two goals in mind: performance and music education. Over the past 5 years, Love Through Music has expanded from a small group of 3 friends to a 500-member community across the globe, all united through a common love for music. 


We are always eager to have you join our Love Through Music family. Thank you for stopping by.


With gratitude,


Nicole Lam

In 2021, Love Through Music became an certified organization under the Google for Nonprofits program, giving us access to a wealth of technology and helping us expand our organization. To learn more about creating your own branch, please click the button below!

About Us: Text

The Love Through Music family encompasses numerous branches across the United States, each led by middle school, high school, and college student volunteers.

Love Through Music is a certifying organization for Presidential Volunteer Service awards. To read more about eligibility requirements, click the button below!

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