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LTM@LACHSA Fundraiser

Tribute to Ukraine

On March 23, 2022, members of LTM@LACHSA gathered together for a benefit concert in support of those left vulnerable by the war in Ukraine. Thank you to our musicians and our lovely audience members, who helped us raise a total of $360; all proceeds were donated to Direct Relief, a nonprofit organization providing emergency medical assistance and disaster relief to Ukraine. 


The last piece on the program, "Ukrainian National Cantus Firmus," was composed by four students in the LACHSA composition class. After stretching the Ukrainian National anthem so that each melody note was doubled in length, the students divided up the piece into four sections and each composed their own melodies within the original work. The resulting "Tribute to Ukraine" was directed and performed by LACHSA students in collaboration with LTM@LACHSA. 

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