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This is Love Through Music

One orphan suffered immobility in both his arms and legs from injury during the Earthquake in 2015, bed-ridden for the rest of his life. Another has underwent trauma that has affected his neurological system, making him unable to verbally communicate. None of the orphans have shoes. Yet, all of these orphans greeted Love Through Music with cups of black tea and kadas, smiling from ear to ear. 

Love Through Music traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal to donate supplies to the Helpless Handicapped Shelter Nepal. We donated 50 sets of backpacks, chocolate, 50 sets of school supplies, and A casio keyboard to the 47 orphans. This orphanage is home to 24 girls and 23 boys; this is their home. Please view the photos below of our trip and please consider donating to our organization to help us continue to bring joy to these children's lives.


Shree Narayan Secondary School

A one hour bus drive outside of the city took us to the Shree Narayan Secondary School. Then we realized that many of these children trek that journey daily by foot. 

Love Through Music brought children's books and school supplies for their classrooms. We renovated their building by painting murals on their walls. We wanted to create a new learning environment for them, some place welcoming where their limits are boundless. 

The beautiful nature-filled country of Nepal currently suffers from the outcomes of the 8.1 Mw devastating earthquake in 2015, controversy over decade-long civil war, and riots from dissatisfied religious groups of the new constitution. With over 300,000 houses and schools destroyed, Nepal is stuck in a loop of violence and poverty.

Here at Love Through Music, our funds proceed to the Nepal Education Project by facilitating the recovery of the Nepali education system through supplying books and school materials. 


Nepal Teaching Partnership

In 2020, Love Through Music traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, where we visited the Homeless Handicapped Shelter Nepal. At the orphanage, we donated school supplies, backpacks, and a keyboard to the children.

The children at the shelter put on a talent show where they sang, danced, and even rapped! Love Through Music wanted to continue to connect with them through the arts, even after returning to Los Angeles.

Thus, we created the Learning Hand in Hand: Nepal Education Project. Every week, we host classes teaching an array of music and art courses: basic music fundamentals, choir, voice lessons, basic drawing, and more!

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