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The application for the 2021-2022 PVSA Awards is now closed. Please keep a detailed log of your 2022-2023 hours in order to apply for our PVSA awards in the 2023 year. Contact your branch president for the LTM hour log template. 

2021-2022 Awardees

2020-2021 Awardees


What is the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)?

The President's Volunteer Service Award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States. The PVSA is  honors the country's most outstanding volunteers and recognizes the impact they have made.

Volunteers who qualify for this award will receive:

  • personalized certificate recognizing their highest level of achievement (Gold, Silver, or Bronze);

  • letter signed by the President of The United States of America; and 

  • pin, coin, or medallion based upon your selection.

Why can Love Through Music issue PVSA?

Love Through Music is a 501(c)3 organization. After a detailed application process, we were approved as a Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Awards in 2021! Thus, we are able to provide awards for Love Through Music volunteers who qualify!

How can I apply for PVSA?

Volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder)

  • Must be at least five years old

  • Completes eligible service within a 12-month period

  • Services must be: unpaid acts of volunteer service benefitting others


Note: LTM typically counts this 12-month period from July 1 to June 30. (If a different 12-month period is more ideal for the candidate, further discussion can occur during the application process.)

Hours Required to Earn Awards in Each Age Group

Any Questions? Email:

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